Are you part of an HPA chapter but want to be even more involved? Are you addicted to the Internet? In love with all things Harry Potter and social change? We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated members to join our volunteer staff!

How to Apply:

To apply for a volunteer staff position, send an email to jobs@thehpalliance.org (unless a different email address is specified below) with which job you’re applying for in the subject line. Please include:

  • A little information about yourself and why you want to join our staff.
  • A resume, or explanation of past work experience.
  • Estimated number hours per week you can volunteer (minimum: 7 hours)
  • Any sample materials you think would be helpful: writing samples, video samples or hyperlinks to your work

Open Positions 


Resource Development Team Members contribute to the development of resources for all aspects of the Chapters Program, helping the RD Team Leader to ensure that resources are informative, high in quality, and effectively worded for utilization by HPA chapters. Resource Translators help ensure that these resources are accessible on a global scale. This is a 3 hour per week commitment. 


  • Reports to the Resource Development Team Leader
  • Translates resource documents as directed by the Resource Development Team Leader
  • Assists in other department projects as needed


  • Exceptional written communication in Arabic
  • Ability to translate from English to Arabic
  • Good humor and a positive attitude 

Please submit a cover letter and resume to camille@thehpalliance.org if you are interested. We'll be in touch soon if we wish to set up an interview. 



The Training Facilitator works with the Training Team to implement the Chapter Organizers training program, including facilitating online workshops, providing feedback to chapter organizers, and administrative duties as assigned. Reports to Training Team Leader. This is a 7.5 hour per week commitment. 


  • Responsible for the implementation of the Chapter Organizers Training program, including facilitating online workshops, assessing completed training assignments, and providing feedback for program participants. 
  • Performs administrative duties such as record keeping, updating documents, and sending emails
  • Designs and facilitates additional trainings for campaigns and projects as assigned 
  • May also assist with Granger Leadership Academy as assigned


  • Exceptional written and verbal communication
  • Comfort speaking in front of small groups
  • Ability to provide effective feedback and critique
  • Timeliness
  • Good humor and a positive attitude
  • Prior experience in facilitation, teaching, and/or leadership training roles highly preferred but not required

Please submit a cover letter and resume to camille@thehpalliance.org if you are interested. We'll be in touch soon if we wish to set up an interview. 


Social Media Analyst

Social media is the backbone of the HPA’s campaigns and outreach. In order to continue to improve our engagement and thereby further our mission, it is important that we consistently track and analyze the data on our engagement. This volunteer position supports the HPA’s Department of Magical Causes and Correspondence by helping to track, analyze, and measure the impact of our digital communications. Analysts will also work with a team to help analyze and design the annual Wizard Activist Community Survey. We’re looking for people who have experience and passion for analytic data as well as a sophisticated understanding of social media.

This position reports to the Analytics Team Leads and the Campaigns Director and will require an average of 7.5 volunteer hours per week.


  • Track weekly data for one or more official HPA social media platforms with an emphasis on analyzing the data for higher engagement.

  • Track unique data for individual campaigns (e.g. unique hashtags, one-off websites, fundraising data, etc.)

  • Investigate new methods of tracking and analyzing data.

  • Compile a monthly report of assigned platform(s) and present to the Analytics Team Leads and Campaigns Director.

  • Code data and assist with analysis and design of the Wizard Activist Survey.

  • Contribute to post-campaign reports.

  • Attend regular analytics team meetings and all-staff meetings via Skype/Hangout.


  • Familiarity with analytics and statistics
  • Deep understanding of social media engagement
  • Consistent work and team player
  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, and all common social media platforms
  • Passion for numbers and spreadsheets
  • Interest in social change and activism
  • Interest in stories, fandom, and popular culture

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to katieb@thehpalliance.org. We'll be in touch soon if we wish to set up an interview.