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You know what they say: every great wizard has to start somewhere. The Harry Potter Alliance’s Wizard Activist School brings you the skills you need to organize your own Dumbledore’s Army. To get started, first click on the name of the module you are interested in (don't click on the pictures - they are just for show!). A window will then pop up asking for your email address so you can start the module. Some modules have one and/or two labels: (CO) and (non-CO). If a module has both a (CO) and (non-CO) option, the pop-up window will show the (CO) version first. If the module has a (non-CO) version, you will see it if you scroll down on the pop-up window. The (CO) version is intended for HPA Chapter Organizers or officers; the (non-CO) version and any module with no label is for...well, anyone else!

Each training session can be completed on your own time, and you can spend as much time on it as you wish. At the end of the session your answers will be sent to an HPA Training Facilitator, who will give you personalized feedback and help you refine your answers.

Want to take your training to the next level? Completing certain modules will earn you a one of a kind Wizard Activist School certificate! Each certificate will be emailed to you once you have successfully completed each module listed under the certificate requirements. You can find more information about the certificates at the bottom of this page.

Are you an educator who is interested in using these modules? Check out our Educator's Guide!

And click here if you want an easy way to keep track of the modules you've completed and the certificates you've earned!

Have questions?

Just email training@thehpalliance.org for help!



  • New Wizard Activist Certificate

    Fan Activism | HPA: A History | Elevator Pitches
  • Visionary Certificate

    Effective Goal Setting | Mission Statement OR Finding Your Personal Values
  • Communications Certificate

    Elevator Pitches | Mission Statement | Member Engagement | Recruitment | Professionalism | Advocacy and Allyship
  • Event Planner Certificate

    Effective Goal Setting | Hosting an Event | Professionalism | Conflict Resolution
  • Group Leadership Certificate

    How to Run a Meeting | Member Engagement | Conflict Resolution | Leadership Styles | Empowerment
  • Social Justice Certificate

    Empowerment | Social Justice 101 | Advocacy and Allyship | Service and Social Change
  • Campaign Manager Certificate

    Elevator Pitches | Recruitment | Leadership Styles | Advanced Conflict Resolution | Advocacy and Allyship | Service and Social Change
  • Fan to Hero Certificate

    Earn all of the other certificates and you will receive this exclusive certificate, awarded only to the select few who have worked hard to develop and refine their strengths and skills as an activist.