DC chapter


Wizard Activist School is taking a short break! We'll be back in early May. To be notified when we're back in action, please be sure to join our mailing list



  • New Wizard Activist Certificate

    Fan Activism | HPA: A History | Elevator Pitches
  • Visionary Certificate

    Effective Goal Setting | Mission Statement OR Finding Your Personal Values
  • Communications Certificate

    Elevator Pitches | Mission Statement | Member Engagement | Recruitment | Professionalism | Advocacy and Allyship
  • Event Planner Certificate

    Effective Goal Setting | Hosting an Event | Professionalism | Conflict Resolution
  • Group Leadership Certificate

    How to Run a Meeting | Member Engagement | Conflict Resolution | Leadership Styles | Empowerment
  • Social Justice Certificate

    Empowerment | Social Justice 101 | Advocacy and Allyship | Service and Social Change
  • Campaign Manager Certificate

    Elevator Pitches | Recruitment | Leadership Styles | Advanced Conflict Resolution | Advocacy and Allyship | Service and Social Change
  • Fan to Hero Certificate

    Earn all of the other certificates and you will receive this exclusive certificate, awarded only to the select few who have worked hard to develop and refine their strengths and skills as an activist.