August 29, 2017


What would the wizarding world look like without Hermione?

What about without Luna? Or Ginny? Cho? Angelina? Tonks? McGonagall?

Hogwarts doesn't work without witches. Harry's story falls flat without heroines. Yet all over the world, girls and women are being kept out of classrooms and losing the chance to lead.

Gender inequity in education looks different around the world, but it's happening all over. When black girls were told that their natural hair wasn't welcome in school, they knew they weren't really welcome at all. When gender and racial bias and science stereotypes keep girls from pursuing STEM education and careers, important technology and discoveries don't develop. When poverty, distance, or traditional views about marriage pull girls out of the classroom, everything from health to overpopulation to climate change suffers.

At the Harry Potter Alliance, we know the difference that talented witches make to the world. Afterall, 85% of our Chapter Organizers in 35 countries around the world are women. That's why we've partnered with She's the First, an organization dedicated to getting girls to graduation, to make sure that every girl has the chance to go to Hogwarts.

How can you help?

Donate,where we're sending girls to school and fan activists into communities around the world!

Sonorous! Spread the word on social media. In October, it's time to go trick or treating! Collect and share our Chocolate Frog cards celebrating real life heroines, and help inspire your friends and family to support the next generation of heroines. This collection will keep growing, so check back and share often!

ICYMI: In September, we senta Hogwarts Waitlist Letter! Send a copy to your friends and family to begin a conversation about why making sure every girl can go to school and be a leader is important to you. Be sure to use #WithoutHermione to join the conversation.

Follow the HPA & She's the Firston social media to learn more about the issue, get action alerts, and take concrete actions to make Hogwarts and schools around the world more accessible to all.

If the Harry Potter series has taught us anything, it's that back to Hogwarts means back to action. So hop on the Hogwarts Express - it's time we make sure that everyone can get on board.

Want to do even more? HPA chapters are already taking action around the world, and you can join or start a chapter any time.