Remember when Ron and Harry stole the Ford Angelina to travel to Hogwarts when they missed the train? Remember when Molly Weasley found out and sent her son a howler he’d never forget? Molly was shocked, angry, scared, and ready to let the world know that this was important.  Sound familiar?  Yeah.  That’s how we feel about the idea of people forgetting to use their voice and go vote!

That’s why we’ve created a system to howlers of your own, featuring some major players from the wizarding world. Remind your friends and family to get out and vote with the form below. They’ll get an email from a character of your choice, and you’ll receive a rad graphic that you can share on social media and inspire others to send howlers of their own. Just follow the steps below!

Spread the Word!

Grab a graphic and let friends know you sent a howler at thehpalliance.org/sendahowler

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