A World Without Hermione

Hogwarts doesn't work without witches. Harry's story falls flat without heroines like Hermione, Luna, and Ginny. Yet all over the world, girls and women are being kept out of classrooms and losing the chance to lead. During A World Without Hermione, we set out to make sure more girls had access to education and and opportunities to change the world.

We partnered with She's the First, an organization which fights for gender equity by supporting girls around the world who will be the first in their families to go to college. We kicked the campaign off with an unusual Hogwarts letter notifying witches, wizards and wixen around the world that they had been waitlisted at Hogwarts and kept out of the classroom like millions of girls around the world. We also hosted a magical press conference at Union Square in New York City to address the outrage and help wizard activists find ways to help.

The biggest opportunity we had to help was to fundraise for scholarships for STF Scholars! We raised $43,045 and were able to donate enough for She's the First to support eight girls in attending school, working with a mentor, and graduating. Meet the scholars and learn more about them in our Medium articles!

Because Without Hermione took place in the fall, we also got to take action around Halloween! Wizard activists collected and shared our Chocolate Frog cards celebrating real life heroines, and HPA chapters even displayed a special, spooky artifact from the Department of Mysteries: the headstone of Harry James Potter, who died in his first year at Hogwarts in an alternate, Hermione-less timeline.