In the Harry Potter series, Protego is a powerful shield spell, used throughout the magical world to make a space safer. In our world, Protego was a powerful campaign dedicated to helping transgender people become empowered, educating cisgender people on how to be effective allies, and providing resources for everyone to create safe spaces for transgender people at the individual, community, and policy level.

We saw wizard activists complete 1,225 actions to support the trans community, from letter writing campaigns to education events to lobbying their schools and libraries for gender neutral bathrooms! We also partnered with the NationalCenter forTransgender Equality to support legislative advocacy campaigns in six U.S. states and Canada - including collecting and sending 1,000 signed postcards to the Governor of North Carolina calling for the reversal of H.B. 2, a state law preventing trans people from using public restrooms that align with their gender identity.

We supported these actions with a library of new resources for trans activists and allies to use at the local and national level, in their schools and dorms, and in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. We also launched our #Protego Medium series highlighting trans authors and their stories and ideas about how to make the world safer.

To end the campaign, we launchedRestroom Revelio, a worldwide scavenger hunt to create a Marauders Map of gender neutral bathrooms. Over one hundred wizard activists downloaded and updated the app Refuge Restroom, cataloging safe, clean restrooms of requirement in their communities!

Overall, the success of Protego went above and beyond what we expected. Wizard activists spoke up to get gender neutral bathrooms and language established in their favorite public spaces. They attended marches and protests and signed and circulated petitions, and held their leaders - from school boards to state houses - accountable for casting protection spells, too. Overall, their support and enthusiasm for creating loving, inclusive, magical spaces blew us away! Our resources are still available at our Protego Action Center, and we're so excited to see wizard activists keep building on everything we've already accomplished!