Odds in Our Favor

The HPA’s Hunger Games campaign, which made its debut in 2012 as Hunger Is Not A Game, returned in its new form with the release of Catching Fire, re-focused as Odds In Our Favor. The new campaign tackles economic inequality on several levels as well as the disparity between the Hunger Games franchise’s poignant content and its vapid, exploitative marketing strategy.

The HPA encouraged members to share their stories of economic inequality under the #MyHungerGames hashtag. This social media movement took off rapidly, illuminating the effects of economic inequality on people’s daily lives and magnifying intersections with other forms of inequality. It put into practice a core goal of the broader campaign: breaking the culture of silence surrounding these issues. A collection of these stories can be found here.

In addition to #MyHungerGames and other social media efforts, the HPA also partnered with Fight for 15 as they organized protests demanding a fair wage for fast food workers. A day of action resulting in protests nationwide took place on December 4. These protests used Odds In Our Favor messaging - especially the three-finger salute iconology inspired by the franchise - and often intersected with ongoing Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter protests.

OIOF is an ongoing campaign currently in its final phase in conjunction with the final Hunger Games film. You can see how it's going at MyHungerGames.Org