Accio Books Campaign

Accio Books Campaign

Through our annual Accio Books campaign, our members have donated over 390,000 books and have helped build libraries around the world.These libraries can be found atThe Agahozo Shalom Youth Villagein Rwanda;community centers in the Mississippi Delta, theBedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter Schoolin New York City; the Brightmoor Community Center in Detroit, Michigan; Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City, MO;Borderline Booksin Gateshead, England and Leiden, The Netherlands,Good Shepherd School in Masaka, Uganda, Words Alive in San Diego, CA. For an overview of each year's accomplishments, see below.


The 2018 Accio Books campaign was a huge success! This year we partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico, helping them rebuild their libraries after Hurricane Maria. We collected a total of 29,619books donated to over 70 literacy programs, including classrooms, after school programs, libraries, prisons, non-profits, and more! In May, we also partnered once again with the American Library Association for National Library Legislative Day, writing letters and making calls to the U.S. Congress in support of library funding and participating in trainings with ALA advocacy experts!

This year, the badgers pulled into the lead with our House Cup! Congratulations to Hufflepuff for seizing the cup at 42,478 house points!


The 2017 Accio Books campaign was a huge success! This year we partnered with Words Alive, an organization that supports book clubs, literacy programs, and book ownership programs for children, teens, and families throughout southern California. In the spirit of rebellion, our own Apparating Library Book Club introduced the Resist Readathon, reading four books guaranteed to fuel hope and resistance. Overall, we collected a total of 44,438 magical books!6,000 of those books traveled to Words Alive and were given away in a fun, start-of-summer Apparating Library!

Advocacy once again shined during Accio Books, kicking off with social media actions on Drop Everything and Read Day to support literacy activists who were fighting to save libraries from extreme budget cuts in Saskatchewan, Canada. Wizard Activists from around the world shared their support via #SaveSKLibraries, and the pressure worked - all funding was restored! We also partnered once again with the American Library Association for National Library Legislative day to send owls to Congress, reminding them to protect library funding and digital privacy in the U.S. All together, wizard activists completed a whopping 980 advocacy actions for libraries!!

Ravenclaw, once again, took the House Cup at 65,637 points. Will anyone ever beat those blue and bronze corvids?


In 2016, Accio Books grew in incredible ways! We partnered with Good Shepherd School in Masaka, Uganda - a school built, in part, by our very own chapter, Masaka HPA. Wizard activists raised enough books to open a brand new library at Good Shepherd School and still donate to over 50 other organizations around the world. How many books did wizard activists raise, exactly? A record-shattering101,190 books.Together with Masaka HPA, Books for Africa, and Out of Print Clothing, we even raised enough funds to send 23 new laptops and tablets to the library that wizard activists built.

We also partnered once again with the American Library Association in support of National Library Legislative Day, and for a second time that year, wizard activists crushed all previous records with 868 advocacy actions for libraries! We also celebrated World Book Night Book Riot in 3 cities! A new library + a new record + a new generation of library activists = one incredible Accio Books!

Ravenclaw held fast to their House Cup title with 155,753 points. Can the birds be beaten?


This year's Accio Books was bigger than ever, thanks to our incredible members and chapters. Participants donatedan unprecedented 64,909 booksto readers in need all over the world. They also rocked the Tri-Library Tournament, sending over 17,000 books to Operation Breakthrough in the USA and Borderline Books in the UK and the Netherlands. These books began finding new homes when the Apparating Library appeared in Kansas City on June 27, 2015.

However, this was more than just a book drive. Members spread the power of story to the halls of the US Congress by advocating for libraries on National Library Legislative Day. We also launched Tales of Chapters, which encouraged chapter members across the world to share popular stories that influenced their worldview as a young person.

In 2015, the HPA didn't just imagine better — we made better happen by synthesizing service, advocacy, and empowerment into one amazing and impactful campaign!

Once again, Ravenclaw won House Cup with 230,950 points.


In 2014 we broke all previous Accio Books records, aswe raised an astounding 53,009 booksfor schools and communities worldwide! Of that total, 43,614 were brought in by our Chapters program. Chapters' efforts spanned five continents.The Deluminators, an Australian chapter, raised 9,512 books, unequivocally winning the annual Chapters Cup. Our primary recipient was Brightmoor Community Center in Detroit, MI, where we held our first-ever Apparating Library book giveaway event on September 13th, 2014. Thousands of books were given away to children and families in need. The event bolstered the Apparating Library's growing reputation as the most magical library in the history of everything.

Ravenclaw held the House Cup, bolstering other houses determination to win next time around.


In 2013 at the Portland LeakyCon, the HPA sprung a whole new level to the Accio Books! game… attendees from all over gave up precious packing space and carted 727 books to LeakyCon to donate to Books for Kids, an awesome Portland-based literacy program.


Read Indeedis a non-profit literacy organization with a very special mission: to achieve the vision of seventh-grader Maria Keller, who wants to collect and distribute one million books to needy kids by the time she's 18. This year, we partnered with theInternational Quidditch AssocationandNaNoWriMo, and we dedicated our annual Accio Books! drive to Maria's fantastic cause. Once again, our chapters and members rose to the task, and we donated 30,217 books to communities in need!

Ravenclaws finally put an end to Hufflepuff's domination of our Accio Books! House Cup, donating over 11,000 books — over a third of our total number! Also, Edmonton PotterWatch of Edmonton, Alberta, ran away with our Chapters Cup after collecting a mind-blowing 6,703 books! How is that even possible?! Oh right, they have love in their hearts and a desire to change the world! Therefore, anything is possible! BOOYAH!


TheBedford-Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School(BSNBCS) opened in September of 2010 without a library. For our 2011 Accio Books! campaign, HPA members and chapters came together to fix this by sending in over 11,000 books (which our local NYDA chapter helped to sort). In August 2011, we were thrilled to helped open the “Imagine Better” Library at the New Beginnings Charter School.

The winner of the 2011 House Cup competition was Hufflepuff, which makes them the reigning Accio Books champion for two straight years! Go Badgers!


In 2010, HPA members and chapters donated 41,415 books: half of which went to our partner The Delta Center for Culture and Learning. The Delta Center distributed those books to communities in need across the Mississippi Delta.

The House Cup winners? Hufflepuff!


In 2009, The HPA launched our first ever Accio Books! drive. Our goal for the first annual book drive? Collect and donate 500 books. The response? HPA members and chapters donated 13,481 books to local communities across the world and our partner ASYV (Agohozo Shalom Youth Vilage) in Rwanda.

Ravenclaw took the House Cup, thanks to special guest Head of House Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films).