• A World #WithoutHermione

    A World #WithoutHermione

    Hogwarts doesn't work without witches. Harry's story falls flat without heroines like Hermione, Luna, and Ginny. Yet all over the world, girls and women are being kept out of classrooms and losing the chance to lead. During A World Without Hermione, we set out to make sure more girls had access to education and opportunities to change the world.

  • Protego


    In the Harry Potter series, Protego is a powerful shield spell, used throughout the magical world to make a space safer. In our world, Protego was a powerful campaign dedicated to helping transgender people become empowered, educating cisgender people on how to be effective allies, and providing resources for everyone to create safe spaces for transgender people at the individual, community, and policy level.

  • Helping Haiti Heal

    Helping Haiti Heal

    Following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January, the HPA partnered with Nerdfighters and other fandoms (including Heroes, Lost, True Blood, The Wire and Firefly) to create Helping Haiti Heal, a home-grown effort to contribute to aid and relief. The HPA raised over $123,000 for Partners in Health in just two weeks. With the money raised, PIH was able to send five airplanes full of medical supplies to Haiti.

  • Accio Books Campaign

    Accio Books Campaign

    Through our annual Accio Books campaign, our members have donated over 400,000 books and have helped build and stock libraries around the world. These libraries can be found in Rwanda; community centers in the Mississippi Delta, New York City; Detroit, Michigan; Kansas City, MO;  Gateshead, England and Leiden, The Netherlands, Masaka, Uganda, and San Ardo, CA.

    For an overview of each year's accomplishments, see below.

  • Not In Harry's Name

    Not In Harry's Name

    Upon learning that Warner Bros. Harry Potter-branded chocolate was being sourced from child slavery in 2008, the Harry Potter Alliance embarked on a campaign demanding Fair Trade chocolate instead. Not in Harry's Name follows from the belief that products inspired by the series should not be complicit in the injustices it criticizes.

  • Academic Attention

    Academic Attention

    Our work was the subject of a multi-year study by the Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics research group in the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism

  • Odds in Our Favor

    Odds in Our Favor

    The HPA's Hunger Games campaign, which made its debut in 2012 as Hunger Is Not A Game, returned in its new form with the release ofCatching Fire, re-focused as Odds In Our Favor. The new campaign tackles economic inequality on several levels as well as the disparity between the Hunger Games franchise's poignant content and its vapid, exploitative marketing strategy.

  • Esther Day

    Esther Day

    The HPA partnered with This Star Won't Go Out to promote and discuss Esther Day.

    Esther Earl was a member of the Harry Potter and Nerdfighter communities who died from thyroid cancer at the age of 16 in August of 2010. Earlier that month, on her birthday, John and Hank Green first celebrated Esther Day - a holiday whose theme they had left up to Esther's choosing. After some consideration, Esther chose to make her holiday about love among friends and family. The holiday has been celebrated every year since.

  • Wrock 4 Equality

    Wrock 4 Equality

    The HPA first launched Wrock 4 Equality in 2009 to stop the passage of a Maine proposition that would have repealed equal marriage. HPA members canvassed in rain or shine, knocking on almost 700 doors to remind people to vote no on Proposition One and collecting absentee ballots.