Staff Members

Staff Members

Matt Maggiacomo | Executive Director Twitter

Matt joined the HPA in 2007 as a founding member of its Board of Directors -- around the same time he quit his day job to become a full-time wizard rocker. He spent the next five years touring the US and Canada as The Whomping Willows and used his fringe internet stardom to raise money for the HPA and promote its chapters program. In July 2013, Matt left the HPA's Board and accepted a job as the organization's first Chapters Director. After presiding over the program's expansion into six continents and facilitating the creation of Granger Leadership Academy, Matt became the HPA's third Executive Director in January 2015. Matt enjoys being a Dad in Plaid, cat lady, amateur gardener, and unofficial Providence tour guide in his spare time.

Katie Bowers | Campaigns Director | Twitter

Katie joined the HPA as a volunteer in 2013 before coming on full time as the Campaigns Director in 2015.  An avid reader with a desire to do good, Katie has been integrating her love of pop culture and social justice through youth organizing initiatives since 2005.  A graduate of Cornell University and Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work, Katie is a proud macro social worker and devoted Ravenclaw.  Katie enjoys travel, board games, sporadic Twittering, and pretending to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer during kickboxing class.

Jackson Bird | Director of Wizard-Muggle Relations

 | Twitter | Youtube 

Jackson Bird is a video creator, NYU alumnus, public speaker, and diehard Gryffindor. When not defending the rights of wizards and muggles alike, Jackson produces videos about identity, social action, and what happens when you put tacos on a waffle iron. A YouTube NextUp Creator Class of 2016, his videos have been featured on Upworthy, BuzzFeed, Mashable, and more. In 2015, he was a LogoTV Social Trailblazer nominee and a finalist for Forbes 30 Under 30. He is also a TED Resident, Geeks Who Drink Quizmaster, a Postmates delivery boy, and the owner of the VHS transfer business, Video Wizard. His aim in life is to continue doing cool things with cool people. You can follow him @jackisnotabird.

Acacia Ludwig | Creative Director


Growing up in a family of artists and surrounded by the vibrant world of Chinatown, New York, Acacia Ludwig strives to embody a deep and sincere love for artistic expression, good storytelling, and social justice for all people. While she has had stints in acting and modeling, Acacia’s most dedicated work is in music and design. As a musician, Acacia has had the honor to collaborate with some of the world’s greatest rock musicians while living in LA, NYC, and her current home of Woodstock, New York. As a designer, Acacia has created a countless array of logos and web sites for a variety of bands and social justice organizations. She has been working with the HPA since 2007, literally shaping the face of the organization with her artwork and attitude.With a passion for humor, people who hear Acacia’s laugh either find it warm and infectious or just scarily loud.

Amber J. Ducharme | Finance Director

Amber is a proud Hufflepuff, mathemagician, and full-time mom. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Castleton State College, Vermont and her Master of Science in Accounting from New England College, New Hampshire. Amber is the HPA's #moneyboss and enjoys using her love of numbers to help make the world a better place. She also loves penguins, ice cream, baking, and board games.

Janae Phillips | Director of Leadership & Education

 | Twitter

Janae oversees the HPA's international chapters program, the Granger Leadership Academy, and Fandom Forward. She directs the HPA's curricular design and program standards, ensuring each experience is truly magical. Over her ten years as a program designer and community organizer she has worked with a broad range of leadership and youth programs (including being an HPA Chapter Organizer herself!). She holds a B.S. in Family Studies and Human Development with a concentration in Leadership Studies and Practice and an M.S. in Educational Technology.