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Rufus Kingsley

A chapter of the harry potter alliance

Rufus Kingsley

Rufus Kingsley is bringing together wizard activists at Rufus King International School to fight the dark forces gathering in the Milwaukee area.


Accomplishments of the 2015-2016 School Year:

We directed a school campaign to get students excited about sharing the power of story with our "Rufus King Reads" display. Over 150 students shared their favorite stories from childhood and why those books mattered to them or changed their lives on cards in school colors. We set up a Rufus King Reads poster and surrounded it with the cards students filled out, creating an entire stretch of hallway dedicated to the power of story.

During the Accio Books campaign, Rufus Kingsley raised over 450 books that were donated to a local organization we partnered with, Next Door, who have a Books For Kids program that provides families and teachers in the Milwaukee area with a "walk-in library" every Thursday, where they can collect free books to share the magic of reading with kids of all ages. The books were raised in a school-wide book drive, where we decorated 6 large boxes and placed two on each floor of Rufus King for students and teachers to donate.

In the 2016-2017 School Year, we intend to focus our efforts on trans rights, climate change and environmental awareness, and other issues important to our members. Contact us to find out about opportunities to join or volunteer with our chapter and use the power of story to create real, lasting change in our community.