Do you solemnly swear that you're ready to do some good?  

We need your help in building a Marauder’s Map of safe, gender neutral restrooms anywhere and everywhere you are.  From August 25th - 28th, we're hosting Restroom Revelio!, a worldwide scavenger hunt to do just that. 

Refuge Restrooms is a crowdsourced app that helps trans folks and allies map gender neutral restrooms. To be the Mooney, Padfoot, or Prongs of your town, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Refuge Restrooms app (iPhone) or log into (Android).

  2. Grab some friends or head out on your own - you can go hardcore scavenger hunt-style, or participate while you're out running errands. You'll be making a difference either way (and you can even log the steps you walk in Road To Hogwarts)!

  3. Map what you see, and keep your eyes on the details to make our records as helpful as possible. Make sure to note locations and whether signage and facilities are truly gender neutral or accessible.  We want to give people all the information we can to dodge unwanted attention or harassment - we even have some tips about how to do that.  

  4. Once you've scoured your surroundings and logged or updated listings in the app, report back using #Protego or on the Protego Defense Report!

You've done incredible things in support of trans folks this summer. You've educated yourself and others, you've written to legislators, you've shared the voices of trans authors. Now's the time to make a difference right in your backyard.  Restroom Revelio!