Fandom Forward

Fandom Forward

Fandom Forward helps you bring fan activism to your favorite fandoms with free toolkits and activities to use in your chapters, with your friends, in your classrooms, or at your libraries. Even if you just want to think about a fandom in a new way on your own, we promise you won't be bored reading these. If you do use one of the toolkits, use #FandomForward to let us know how it went!

While we are happy to provide our Fandom Forward toolkits for free, we do suggest a $10 donation per toolkit downloaded. You can read more about the work that goes into each toolkit and make a donation here.

Want to read more? Follow the Fandom Forward Medium for articles on even more fandoms!

If you have questions, fandom suggestions, or you'd like to be notified of future toolkit releases, email us at


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