Build a Safer World


Spells and actions to make the world better for the trans community.

As the trans community becomes more visible to the mainstream than ever before, powerful evil forces have been gathering in opposition.  Fueled by bigotry, legislation has have been introduced that limits the rights of trans people to access services and participate in daily life.  But wizard activists can cast a powerful Protego spell to stop discrimination. Check out these actions you can take and share right now:

Around the World: Tell North Carolina Gov. McCrory: Stop Targeting Trans People. Reminding lawmakers that the world is watching is a powerful protection spell!

Canada: Send your MP an owl to support Bill C-16 to prevent anti-trans hate speech

Kansas: Send your lawmakers an owl to champion trans rights and speak out against SR 1798

Michigan: Sign the petition to repeal HR 264, which urges lawmakers to reject comprehensive, research-based guidance that would make schools safer spaces for LGBTQ+ students

Mississippi: Sign the petition to repeal HB 1523, which makes it legal for people and businesses to discriminate against transgender people and same-sex couples based on their religious or moral beliefs

New Jersey: Sign the petition to stop AB 3976, which seeks to protect schools that refuse to follow federal guidelines protecting trans students

New York: Sign the petition to stop AB 10127, which would make it illegal for trans people to use the restrooms that aligns with their gender identity.

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