May 20, 2016


Spells and actions to make the world better for the trans community.


In the Harry Potter series,Protegois a powerful shield spell, used throughout the magical world to make a space safer. In our world, Protego is dedicated to equipping you with the spells and actions to make the world better for the trans community.

Protego aims to empower transgender people, educate cisgender people on how to be effective allies, and provide resources for everyone to create safe spaces for transgender people at the individual, community, and policy level.

From Hollywood to Capitol Hill, we have seen a steady increase in the visibility of transgender people.At the HPA, we're thrilled that the issues that are important to our community are getting more attention. After all, 8% of our members identify as transgender.

Increased visibility is wonderful, but it is also an opportunity for dark forces to gather. Everyday, there are more opportunities for misinformation, prejudice, and discriminatory legislation. While the task of making the world safer can be a daunting one, wizard activists know thatwe can win because we fight with the most powerful weapon: love.

All summer, we're going to be helping you fight the dark arts of bigotry and inequality by helping you take action to make the spaces you inhabit safer for trans people. Ready to get started? Check out the sidebar to take action now!

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Find out about the spells and actions you can do to make the world better for the trans community!

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Protego Orlando

Actions for when shield spells fail.

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Show the world the actions you've taken to make your community safer. Tell us how you're fighting the dark arts of bigotry and inequality!

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