DA Sends Owls of Hope

When Harry Potter was 11-years-old, an army of owls brought him life-changing letters of welcome and hope. Today, join Dumbledore's Army in sending welcome owls to refugees.

Refugees may be displaced for months or years before they are able to be resettled in a new community. Over half of the world's refugees are under the age of 18 - meaning that kids who could be going to Hogwarts are growing up in refugee camps instead. Around the world, many governments are closing their doors to refugees. As Dumbledore's Army, we are protesting by opening our hearts.

Help send hope: submit a letter to a refugee letting them know that you welcome them and are fighting to help them find a safe home. Submit your letter below, and the HPA will tie it to an owl* and get it delivered to a newly arrived refugee in the United States via our partners at For the Nations Refugee Outreach and the Northwest Community Center or a refugee waiting for resettlement via Any Refugee

All letters are welcome, of course! If you prefer to send handwritten Owls of Hope, please find instructions and free stationary here

* We may use the muggle mail if the owls become uncooperative.

215 OWLS
200 owls

What message of hope do you have for refugees?