Major Donors

Major Donors

hrcPotterhead Running Club

Through their magical virtual races, Potterhead Running Club has raised over $158,000 for the HPA, effectively funding our Accio Books campaign in 2016 and Granger Leadership Academy in 2017. 

p4a.jpgThe Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck

Project For Awesome is an annual contest where YouTube content creators promote and raise awareness for their favorite charities. The HPA is proud to have the support of our Brothers and Sisters in Awesome!

hatp.jpgHarry and the Potters

As pioneers in the Harry Potter universe, Harry and the Potters helped create the HPA and have raised over $26,000 to support the HPA’s operations since its founding in 2005.

Tonks and the AurorsTonks & the Aurors

Tonks & the Aurors is a Wizard Rock band led by Steph Anderson that has been slaying death eaters since 2007. Steph has used her platform to raise over $20,000 for the HPA's campaigns and programs.

geeky.jpgMischief Management

We are grateful for the continued support from Mischief Management, whose financial contributions and friendship makes our work possible; and whose events make this community a more magical and vibrant place for all.

hawaiicommunityHawai‘i Community Foundation

The HPA has received three grants from the foundation’s Omidyar Program. These grants helped support our operating costs in 2014 and 2015, and will enable the development of a new website in 2019.

john greenJohn Green

He’s not just a fantastic author of young adult books -- John Green is also a wizard activist and a generous supporter of the HPA. John contributed matching funds to our Equality FTW 2014 and HPA10 fundraisers.

ford foundationFord Foundation

Grants from the Ford Foundation supported our first two Granger Leadership Academy conferences. With the foundation’s help, we are training fan activists to be the heroes of their own narrative.


The world’s greatest conference for YouTube creators and fans contributed a generous matching fund grant to our tenth anniversary fundraiser, HPA10. Thanks, VidCon!

dmp.jpgDear Mr. Potter/Lily Zalon

Lily Zalon created this beautiful collection of letters, essays, pictures and dreams all inspired by a shared love of Harry Potter by fans across the world. All profits benefited the Harry Potter Alliance.

whomping-willows.jpgThe Whomping Willows

Pure innovators in wizard rock, fan culture and human awareness, The Whomping Willows have been giving love and support to the HPA since its inception.

roddick-foundation.jpgThe Roddick Foundation

The Roddick Foundation was one of the first philanthropic entities to take a chance on us. For believing in us and giving us a chance to become a full-fledged organization with goals and the means to realize them, we'll always be indebted.


We are deeply grateful for the following exceptional contributors, whose generosity makes our work possible:

Audrianna Davis, Carol Faulb, Carolyn Carter, Christine Richardson, Craig Newmark, Dan Anderson, Denise Dedman, Elizabeth Nestor, Elizabeth Siron, Gabrielle Ehrlich, JoAnna Hermanns, June Mead, Katherine Bowers, Kerry Stubbs, Kirsty Stanley, Laura Peracchio and Daniel Eder Family Foundation, Lisa Shaughnessy, Mary Clow, Margie Roswell, Matt Maggiacomo, Michael Morgan, Mindy Rice, Natasha Stokes, Olivia Dolphin, Orlando Crespo, Out of Print Clothing, Pamela Omidyar, Paul Booth, Paul DeGeorge, Robin Share, Sara Mortensen, Seth Faulb, Shane Barr, and Yuri Kim.