Magical Acts of Kindness

mak18.pngWhen you watch the news or scroll through social media, the world can feel like a pretty cruel place - but in 2018, Dumbledore's Army came together to fight back against hate and spread joy and kindness throughout the world! That's why we're taking time to celebrate the hundreds of Magical Acts of Kindness that you did throughout the year! Join us in our campaign to celebrate magical kindness and joy in three ways:

Did someone do something kind for you in 2018? Tell us about it! We'd love to give that person or group some recognition for being awesome!

Did you do something in 2018 to make the world a little more kind? Tell us about it! 

Are you feeling inspired? Do a new act of kindness in December and add it to our collective 2018 Pensieve!

We'll be celebrating the end of 2018 by giving shout-outs to wizard activists who made the world a little more magical and filling your social media feeds with acts of kindness! Ready to get started? Think about all the things you do to make the world more kind. Did you...

  • Take a friend out for coffee when they needed to talk?
  • Donate your time, talent, or treasure to charity?
  • Speak up when someone was spreading hate or misinformation?

You made the world more kind! Need more examples? Check out some of the incredible things that wizard activists around the world did this year for others, then tell us:

Join wizard activists in making the world more kind!

1,000 kind wizards

What did you do to make the world more kind?