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A chapter of the harry potter alliance


Ever wish you could make our world better like Harry and his friends do? Wish you could pass on those lessons Harry Potter taught you about equality, hope, social justice, and most of all, love? 

             Here's your chance.

The University of Virginia Harry Potter Alliance wants to do just that. We want to make our University of Virginia grounds and our Charlottesville community a better place, all through the lens of Harry Potter. And we want you to help us!


- Be Brave as Gryffindor, and fight for what is right.

- Be a Critical Thinker as a Ravenclaw, and find new and innovative ways to create positive change.

- Be Loyal as a Hufflepuff, never turning my back on my friends, my values, or those in need.

- Be Ambitious as a Slytherin, pushing myself to be the very best I can be.