House Cup

A great honour...

As of 5/22/17


Last year, Ravenclaw won a commanding lead - but this year is any House's game! There are tons of ways to win points for your house: from advocating for libraries to donating diverse books to hosting events! Want some ideas?  Use the Accio Books Toolkit for great suggestions on how to lead a book drive, advocate, run an event, and more. Are you a library staff member? Check out our National Library Legislative Day Resource for Library Staff and learn how to bring Accio Books to your library! However you participate, the path to victory begins right here by registering your house points:

Record your House Points Here!

 What can you earn points for?

  • 1 POINT

    • Every book collected and donated in your local community!
    • Every school supply collected and donated in your local community!
  • 5 POINTS

    • Every book donated to our official recipient - Words Alive! Remember, books intended for Words Alive should be mailed to: Words Alive, 5111 Santa Fe St Ste 219, San Diego, CA 92109.  Boxes MUST BE LABELLED "HPA Words Alive".
    • Promote Out of Print Clothing's House Cup special during National Library Week (April 10 - 16)!
  • 10 POINTS

    • For each book featuring people of color and/or LGBTQIA+ people as main characters or as the author(s). Support the movement for more diverse stories in San Diego and around the world!
    • Recruit a new member to join your HPA chapter.
    • Promote the Friends of the Apparating Library fundraiser on social media.
    • Post a picture on social media of your sweet Accio Books activities with #AccioBooks.
    • Recruit a friend or family member to help you during Accio Books!
  • 15 POINTS

    • For each YouTube video you made during the campaign.
  • 25 POINTS

    • For each book drive event. Feel free to host multiple events and earn points for each of them!
    • For press coverage of your Accio Books campaign, project, or event.
    • Purchase Out of Print Clothing's House Cup special during National Library Week (April 10 - 16)!
    • Donate to the Friends of the Apparating Library fundraiser on social media.
  • 50 POINTS

    • Starting a chapter in your community. Learn how at on our Start a Chapter page!
    • Donating 234 books or more. If you hit this goal, we'll send you a sweet Luna glasses printable. Don't forget to take a pic and tag it #AccioBooks!
  • 100 POINTS

    • Be a hero for libraries: participate in a library advocacy action in your country! Check out the resources at
    • Host a literacy and/or education-related projects, activities, and events as part of Accio Books!