August 01, 2016

friends of the apparating library

Since 2009, the Harry Potter Alliance has raised over 300,000 books for communities in need through our annual international book drive, Accio Books. We've also built several new libraries in the United States, Rwanda, and Uganda. In recent years, we've gone beyond the book drive and partnered with the American Library Association to advocate for public library funding, net neutrality, and information access. This work has been transformative on a global scale, but we're not done yet:

We've pledged to continue organizing an annual book drive until we've raised one million books and built 25 new libraries across the world!

In order to support this ambitious endeavor, we've created a new magical donor society, the Friends of the Apparating Library. Joining this society comes with a variety of perks, including access to our Apparating Library Book Club! For just $35, supporters will enjoy permanent access to the Club and receive a physical membership card in the mail. Most importantly, your donation will put thousands of books into the hands of people who need them.

Click here to learn more about the Apparating Library Book Club and purchase your membership!