August 11, 2015


We believe that fanfic, wizard rock, fan art, and other fan works are integral to fans' individual experiences of art and literature. Agree? Join our community.

Even the biggest fan creators know that fan works sometimes get a bad rap. Fan creations can be derided as shameful or silly - and #fanworkstaughtme is where we push back. On social media, fans are using #fanworkstaughtme to talk about everything fan works have given them.

So, why are we bragging about the awesomeness of fan works?

Because we love them! But also, in 2015, the U.S. Congress began the process of reviewing the copyright law and modernizing the U.S. Copyright Office. This means that changes could be proposed to the laws that make fan works possible. We want to make sure that fans are armed with the knowledge to understand the process, and a community to rally if needed. Signing up for Fan Works Are Fair Use means that you want to celebrate fan works and protect them.

By signing up at, you'll receive fun and interested updates about what is happening in the world of copyright and fandom.

So if you believe in the power of fan works, sign up. If you've tapped your foot to a wizard rock song or giggled at a parody video, we need you. If you've filled hours reading fanfic, or filled notebooks with reimagined characters, we need you. If you're ready to stand up for fandom, our community needs you.

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