"We're his army. Dumbledore's Army. We're all in this together." - Neville Longbottom

Dumbledore's Army is fighting back against hatred and standing up for immigrants. Join us by taking actions based on all four Hogwarts houses! Summon your inner Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin to join us for each action throughout August, September, and October. Up next, Hufflepuff!

Take Action like a Hufflepuff! 

Summon your inner Hufflepuff to find immigrant-led and immigrant-serving organizations and fight for immigrant justice right in your own neighborhood! 

The world is talking about immigration now, and what we hear isn’t always kind. In the U.S., our political leaders have turned hateful rhetoric into horrifying policy as immigrants are harassed and detained by I.C.E. in detention centers at the U.S. border and across the country. Around the world, countries debate who should take in refugees and how they should be treated - a problem that will only grow as climate change displaces more people in the years to come.

These national and global problems play out directly in our neighborhoods. Knowing how to help - whether that means volunteering, donating, standing up to I.C.E., or more - requires being connected to your local immigrant community. That’s where the Hufflepuffs come in.

Hufflepuffs are kind, loyal, and unafraid of toil - that’s why our #DAFightsBack Hufflepuff action is dedicated to working hard and being kind directly in your community! Using our new Ravenclaw-researched database, DA Fights Back Near You, you can find immigrant-led and immigrant-serving organizations near you. 

Making these local connections, strengthening the bonds between community members, and taking the lead from immigrant organizers is the only way communities can keep each other safe. It’s the only way we’ll win. Whether you donate your time by volunteering, or put those spare galleons and sickles to use by donating, you can join the movement of wizard activists around the world by helping to support immigrants in your very own neighborhood.

Making these connections takes commitment, and we want to recognize that. When you take action to help immigrants  in your local community, tell us using our forthcoming #DAFightsBack reporting form! As a thank you, we'll send you an official #DAFightsBack pin (one for each person who participates with you). 



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Talking about human rights and social justice isn't always easy, especially with loved ones that don't quite see eye-to-eye with you. After all, it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

Want to be a real hero? Talk to someone who isn't already a wizard activist about why you care so much about a social justice issue. Neville's Guide to Tough Conversations is here to help you do it.


In 2016, the world shifted in a big way. Bigotry and fear have long been a part of the global story, but it felt like the world hit a tipping point. Death Eaters seized the opportunity to rise to power. People were scared, they were angry, and they wanted to fight back.

We launched a new campaign, #NevilleFightsBack in the spirit of Neville Longbottom. When we first met Neville, he was insecure, inexperienced, & scared of school bullies. By the book 7, Neville fearlessly leads the resistance at Hogwarts & faces Voldemort head-on. In the wake of 2016, Neville was the perfect hero to help thousands of nervous, angry fans become heroes.

Over two years, wizard activists have contacted lawmakers, wrote letters, signed petitions, and made phone calls - but we felt like something was missing. Those actions are important - and they can also feel a bit lonely. We realized what Neville really needed to make a difference: friendship, love, and community. He needed Dumbledore's Army.

#DAFightsBack is our answer to the need for joyful connection and resistance in dark days. We're focusing on actions that connect and bond activists in new ways and help us respond to each challenge with energy, imagination, and - most importantly - love. Join us.


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