Dumbledore's Army Fights Back

dumbledore's army fights back

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"We're his army. Dumbledore's Army. We're all in this together.” - Neville Longbottom

In Harry Potter, the true nature of the world is hidden from muggles. Hogwarts Castle looks abandoned. Muggle eyes glide right past the Leaky Cauldron. Muggles accept the story they’re told: that magic isn’t real, and magical folk don’t exist.

In the real world, when it comes to Native peoples’ cultures, most of us are acting like muggles.

The history of Native Americans is one of great strength and revitalization. It is a story built around values that have shaped Native cultures and our shared society: respect for family and elders; shared responsibility to care for the land; and an obligation to do right by the next generation.

It is a story of resilience through great pain and injustice, from broken treaties and loss of land and language in the past to derogatory sports mascots and biased history taught in schools today. Across hundreds of sovereign Native nations and in every profession and segment of society, Native people carry the cultural knowledge and wisdom that sustains Native nations and helps build a stronger future for all.

In celebration of Indigenous People’s Day, let us recognize and lift up the true history of the land on which we stand.

Undoing the Colonizers' Curse: O.W.L. Assignment

1. In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day (October 8, 2018) and Native American Heritage Month (November), visit native-land.ca for North America, this list of 700 nations for South America, this map for Australia, this map for Africa, and this resource for Asia.

2. Find where you live on the map. What are the Native nations of this land?

3. At your next HPA meeting, public event, or friend/family gathering, open your time together by acknowledging whose land you are convening on.

Undoing the Colonizers' Curse: N.E.W.T. Assignment

Level up your allyship to Native peoples:

1. Attend an event hosted by Native people in your area.

2. Donate to a local Native-led organization or partner with them to host a fundraiser.

3. Read about Reclaiming Native Truth's guide for Reclaiming Native Truth Allies.


It’s no question that Harry’s story has made the world better — his presence has inspired millions of fans around the world to become activists, philanthropists, readers, and leaders. Yet, while the world has opened their borders to Harry, many countries are shutting their doors to everyone else. As fans of a story that has crossed every border and made the world better for it, we cannot stay quiet. Send an Owl of Hope to a refugee.


Talking about human rights and social justice isn't always easy, especially with loved ones that don't quite see eye-to-eye with you. After all, it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. 

Want to be a real hero? Talk to someone who isn't already a wizard activist about why you care so much about a social justice issue. Neville's Guide to Tough Conversations is here to help you do it. 


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In 2016, the world shifted in a big way. Bigotry and fear have long been a part of the global story, but it felt like the world hit a tipping point. Death Eaters seized the opportunity to rise to power. People were scared, they were angry, and they wanted to fight back.

We launched a new campaign, #NevilleFightsBack in the spirit of Neville Longbottom. When we first met Neville, he was insecure, inexperienced, & scared of school bullies. By the book 7, Neville fearlessly leads the resistance at Hogwarts & faces Voldemort head-on. In the wake of 2016, Neville was the perfect hero to help thousands of nervous, angry fans become heroes.

Over two years, wizard activists have contacted lawmakers, wrote letters, signed petitions, and made phone calls - but we felt like something was missing. Those actions are important - and they can also feel a bit lonely. We realized what Neville really needed to make a difference: friendship, love, and community. He needed Dumbledore's Army.

#DAFightsBack is our answer to the need for joyful connection and resistance in dark days. We're focusing on actions that connect and bond activists in new ways and help us respond to each challenge with energy, imagination, and - most importantly - love. Join us.


*\ Dumbledore's Army joined the other real world D.A., Define American, in a Week of Witness to call attention to the then 500+ children still separated from their parents by the Trump administation's family separate crisis. We joined activists across the country in a call to #ReuniteEveryChild through singing lullabies and raising our wands in solidarity. Relive the magic with the WROCK to Reunite livestream and photo gallery!

*\ When the U.S. State Department announced that they will cap refugee admissions at just 30,000 people, we asked why we open our borders to Harry, but not to refugees, and launched Owls of Hope to send letters of love and welcome to refugees. Letters will be distributed on November 10th, 2018, which means we are still collecting: send your owl now!


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