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Welcome to the Chapters Resources section! This is intended to be the one-stop place to shop for all your chapters needs. In addition to chapters-wide resources, you will also find Fandom Forward resources that are available to all chapters. These include PDFs on how to create your own Fandom Forward Campaigns or have your own multi-week literary discussion series.

Use this index to find your way around the resources. If you have any issues with this section of the site, questions about the resources, or (and most importantly) resource suggestions, e-mail: or

Note: The resources are currently being translated to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin Chinese. They'll be added to this page as soon as they are ready! We aim to introduce additional languages in the future!


Chapter Management

Let’s Get Started


Partnerships and Collaboration

Images and Graphics



Finances and Fundraising

Granger Grant for Excellence in Community Organising


Campaigns and Projects

Wizard Rock The Vote 2016


Accio Books

Resource Pack 2015

Esther Day

Equality FTW


The Hunger Games Campaigns

Not In Harry’s Name