Campaigns Researcher [Climate Change Movement]

Campaigns Researcher [Climate Change Movement]


This position is responsible for gathering, ingesting and reporting information regarding the global climate change movement. The purpose is to keep senior staff, social media staff, campaigns team staff, and (where appropriate) all staff updated on movements and major headlines in the climate change movement. The researcher collects breaking news, pending newsworthy legislation and court cases, upcoming activist actions, environmental racism, and related topics. Suggested research methods include (but are not limited to) email alerts (e.g. gmail alerts), following climate activists on social media, news outlets in any format, and networking with organizations and activists who focus on climate change. Campaign Researchers also contribute to major HPA campaigns regardless of the issue. This may involve research, copywriting and editing, brainstorming, strategy, and other forms of creative collaboration.

This position reports to the Research Team Leader. Though the news cycle will vary, we anticipate this position to average 3 hours per week.


  • Provide regular (at least 2x per month) reports to HPA staff around developments in climate change activism around the globe.
  • Advise on the preparation of actions and campaigns, especially when related to climate change activism.
  • As time and interest allows, write occasional articles to inform the broader wizard activist community about getting involved in climate change activism.


  • A genuine passion for protecting the climate and stirring people to action.
  • Interest in learning more about climate movements and legislation.
  • Strong writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to view and explain each headline, victory, and setback in the broader context of the movement.
  • Enthusiasm for story and fandom.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Sara at We'll be in touch soon if we wish to set up an interview.