Dumbledore's Army Fights Back

When Hogwarts and the world are under attack, Dumbledore's Army fights back. Find your community and push back against bigotry and hate.

Wizard Rock the Vote 2018

Wizard Rock the Vote is going on tour! Join Tonks and the Aurors and Tianna and the Cliffhangers for a wizard rock party near you -- complete with state-specific voting guides for the 2018 mid-term election.

Accio Books

We've collected 350,000 books since 2009 - and this year, Accio Books is heading to Puerto Rico! Come advocate, celebrate, and fill brand new mini lending libraries with powerful stories!

A World #WithoutHermione

The Harry Potter story does not work without having girls and women in the classroom, and neither does our world. Help girls and women around the world stay the classroom and lead the way. 

Fandom Forward

Fandom Forward toolkits give you different frameworks to think about current issues in... find your fandom and check one out!

Neville Fights Back

When things seemed darkest, Neville kept Dumbledore's Army alive. Help destroy some horcruxes: take action against bigotry and hate.

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