Accio Books

Since our first Accio Books campaign in 2009, the Harry Potter Alliance has raised nearly 400,000 books for communities in need across the world. Each year, our official partners receive an outpouring of generosity from a global network of HPA chapters and members, and the results are astounding: we’ve built new libraries in Brooklyn, Uganda, and Rwanda, helped fuel educational programs in San Diego and across Puerto Rico, and provided resources for countless communities where education access is threatened. This year, we’ll celebrate the 10th anniversary of Accio Books by partnering with Reading Is Fundamental and sending books to three amazing programs in New York City, Chicago, and California!

To make this vitally important work possible, we're hoping to raise $25,000 through our Accio Books fundraiser! And once again this year, we're calling on YOU to join our fundraising team and recruit friends and family to support your personal fundraiser. Here's everything you need to get involved:


This helpful resource provides everything you need to launch your personal fundraiser and start recruiting donations! Learn from the pros at the Harry Potter Alliance and start raising money in support of literacy and education access.


We've established some fun and highly attainable incentives for folks who fundraise for this campaign!

    • Folks who recruit 5 donations to their personal fundraisers will receive a Head Witch in Charge sticker.
    • Folks who recruit 10 donations will receive a Yer A Wizard patch and a Head Witch in Charge sticker.
    • Folks who recruit 15 donations will receive an invite to an exclusive livestream show featuring Draco and the Malfoys, plus a Yer A Wizard patch and a Head Witch in Charge sticker!
    • Folks who recruit 25 donations will receive membership in our Order of the Phoenix Donor Society, plus an invite to the Draco and the Malfoys livestream show, a Yer A Wizard patch, and a Head Witch in Charge Sticker!

And if your personal fundraiser raises $200 or more, you'll earn an amazing perk bundle featuring our new Spells, Charms, Potions, & Resistance t-shirt, Lumos Late Nite Library Squad tote bag, Accio Books poster, and Marauders animagus button set!

Magical perk bundle featuring new t-shirt, tote bag, poster, and buttons


  • Donate! If you're not able to fundraise for the campaign, you can still donate and receive some great perks! Check out all the details on our main fundraiser page.
  • Spread the word! Whether or not you donate, you can help signal boost this important effort using the social sharing buttons on our main fundraiser page! Be sure to tell your friends and family why literacy and education access is important to you, and why you believe the Harry Potter Alliance is qualified to take on this important issue!
  • Let us know what you think! Of course, we're always here if you have questions about our campaigns and programs, but we also love your feedback. If you think there's something we can improve, or even if you just want to tell us we're doing a great job, reach out to us at and tell us what's on your mind.