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Accio Books 2017

Since 2009, this annual worldwide book drive has given over 315,000 books away to communities in need. This year, we’re utilizing the power of story to change worlds in San Diego!

This year, we are partnering with Words Alive, an organization that provides literacy and education services to over 5,000 children and families in Southern California. HPA chapters and members will raise thousands of books for Words Alive, allowing young people and their parents to build their home libraries. Many chapters outside the western United States will choose to donate books to schools and programs in their local communities. For many young people around the world, the books they get through Accio Books will be their very first. You can help support this worldwide effort by becoming a Friend of the Apparating Library today.

So, want to mail books to Words Alive?  

Your box must be labeled with "HPA" + the genre of the donated books.  For example, "HPA Picture Books" or "HPA YA".  Please note: Words Alive is particularly in need of children & young adult books! Once your box is labelled, send it to:

Words Alive

5111 Santa Fe St Ste 219

San Diego, CA 92109

Advocate for Libraries!

In addition to stocking the shelves of children around the world, we're also dedicating time once again to defend public libraries! With education and accurate information under attack, the world needs libraries now more than ever. That's why we're advocating for libraries all Accio Books long. On April 7, join the virtual march on Drop Everything and Read Day to save Canadian libraries. Then, on May 1 & 2 - the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts - join us and the American Library Association to defend public libraries for Library Legislative Day! Itching to get started? Dumbledore's Army is still recruiting - join us in taking action today with Neville Fights Back.

And that's not all! Accio Books gets bigger every year, and this year we're all over the internet. Read along with us on The Wizard Activist to find out how access to stories impacts LGBTQ equality, immigration reform, mental health, and more - and look for surprises with our pals Out of Print Clothing and Book Riot!

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Advocate for Libraries!

Learn about how you can take action for libraries virtually, in D.C., and all over the world.  You can also grab our NLLD Resource for Library Staff and some scripts to help you when you write, call, or visit your lawmakers!

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