Success Stories

Accio Books Campaign

Through our annual Accio Books campaign, our members have donated over 315,000 books and have helped build libraries around the world. 

Not In Harry's Name

The HPA spearheaded a 4 year, fan-led effort to have HP licensed chocolate abide by Fair Trade practices. We partnered with Walk Free and had the support of over 400,000 people, including JK Rowling. We Won!

Odds in Our Favor

We used broad cultural messaging to link the Hunger Games to the issue of economic inequality through our Odds in Our Favor campaign.

Video Creators For Net Neutrality

We partnered with Public Knowledge and brought over 20,000 fans and online video creators together to support Net Neutrality.

Granger Grant for Excellence in Community Organizing

In 2014 we established the Granger Grant for Excellence in Community Organizing that awards $5000 annually to 8 different HPA chapters to assist with innovative ideas and projects.

Is School Enough?

Our impact on young people was featured in the 2013 PBS documentary Is School Enough?.

Andrew Slack's Fellowships

Our co-founder Andrew Slack received both a Nathan Cummings Fellowship and an Ashoka Fellowship, recognizing him – and the HPA – as one of our world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Esther Day

We worked to build cultural awareness for Esther Day by encouraging creative projects and working with partners in the Nerdfighter community, LeakyCon, Penguin Books, and even Sesame Workshop.

Academic Attention

Our work was the subject of a multi-year study by the Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics research group in the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism

Wrock 4 Equality

Our members helped to pass marriage equality initiatives in several states through phone-banking and on-the-ground canvassing.

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