Neville Fights Back




As you have probably seen, lots of people are concerned about the similarities between our new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and Professor Umbridge. Both were appointed with no experience in public education, neither know much about how students learn, and both favor a dangerous political agenda over what is best for students and schools. We want to encourage Secretary DeVos to do better, and to remind her that Headmasters that don’t listen, don’t get to stay in power.

Our friends at Black Girls Create had a pretty rad idea for how to get the message across: serve up some resistance on a cat plate with #DecorateLikeDolores.

1. Remember Umbridge’s terrifyingly cute office:

2. Download our fancy cat plate postcards (here and here) or google image search “cat plate” (or “decorative cat plates”, or “fancy cat plates”, etc) and pick your fav.

3. Tweet @BetsyDeVos, telling her what you want her to do in office, and include your cat plate pic. Be sure to tag it #DecorateLikeDolores. For example:

Dolores Umbridge was appointed w/o any ed experience, too. I hope you're not like her,@BetsyDeVos, but just in case... #DecorateLikeDolores

Hey @BetsyDevos - if you insist on pushing political ideology over what’s best for students, I’m gonna need you to #DecorateLikeDolores

4. Take it to the next level and send decorations & concerns right to DeVos' new office! We have fancy cat plate postcards you can download and print right here and here.

5. Do like Fred & George said - give her hell from us! Encourage your friends to do the same - we’ll be watching and retweeting our favorites all weekend. 


Protect Trans Students: Take it to McGonagall

When Death Eaters' restrictive and hateful policies threatened the students of Hogwarts, Dumbledore's Army refused to back down. Neville, Ginny and Luna continued to stand up for themselves and for those most vulnerable. Together, they fought for a future they couldn't yet see. Today, transgender students are facing new and old threats as their rights are denied and guidelines meant to protect them are blocked or rolled back. You can help make sure that your community is the Dumbledore's Army that trans students need.

Today: Take it to McGonagall

Contact at least one leader in your school community - it could be a teacher, administrator, parent, or student - and ask them what their school is doing to protect trans students. They might be doing a lot already - but just in case, come prepared with some ideas from our Back to School guide and Protego toolkit (available in English, Español, Français, and 官话).

  • If you are satisfied that the school doing the most they can to protect trans students, thank them and make sure that other students know about their rights!
  • If the school isn't doing enough to protect trans students, begin working with (and pushing) the school leaders to do things like establish gender neutral bathrooms and trans-supportive bathroom and locker room guidelines, provide info and training for teachers about supporting trans students, and planning activities to help students build a trans-inclusive community.

Once you've had your initial call or meeting, there's many other ways that you can help protect youth of all genders:

  • Take a page from Neville and organize your very own Dumbledore’s Army, join or start a Gender and Sexualities Alliance, or join your local GLSEN chapter.
  • Help bring the Room of Requirement’s safe haven to your school or community with the #I’llgowithyou media kit, buttons, and stickers. Spread the word that trans folks are welcome in the restrooms they feel most comfortable in, and help to ensure their safety by going with them if they want.
  • Work on the Mauraders Map we’re building of gender neutral and trans-inclusive restrooms. Keeping the Refuge Restrooms app up to date is absolutely vital. Help trans folks in your community to find safe restrooms by adding or updating facilities in the app. Use this guide to brush up on how to best document your finds.
  • On your own or with a group, donate your time or money to support an organization in your community that acts as a real life Order of the Phoenix, fighting against discrimination. Here's some ideas who different parts of the world (don't see your country? Send suggested organizations to
















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Sometimes, it can feel like problems are just too big - like we can't influence policy, or like hatred and bigotry are too powerful. At those times, we remember Neville Longbottom.

When Hogwarts was overtaken by Death Eaters, Harry, Ron and Hermione left Hogwarts to destroy Voldemort's horcruxes. Neville and Luna Lovegood stayed behind - but they didn't stay quiet. They disrupted life at Hogwarts, resisting the "new normal" and speaking out against cruelty and hatred at every opportunity. Neville managed to destroy a horcrux, and his efforts meant that Hogwarts never abandoned the people that called it home.

Neville wasn't quiet when he was afraid - and you don't need to be, either. #NevilleFightsBack is here to serve as an action center for Dumbledore's Army, including resources and new actions that you can take to keep the resistance alive at Hogwarts: volunteer, donate, protest, educate, and contact your lawmakers.


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