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Accio Books 2016

Since 2009, this annual worldwide book drive has given over 250,000 books away to communities in need. This year, we’re doing something special.

In 2015, our Masaka HPA chapter worked with leaders and volunteers in their community to build Good Shepherd School, a co-educational school for 250 young people in Masaka’s rural area.  This year, they plan to open a library - and we’re going to stock it.  That’s right!  Wizard Activists will send thousands of books and school supplies to the school in order to stock its brand new library. We’ll also be working with three awesome organizations - Books for Africa, the Literate Earth Project, and Out of Print Clothing - to maximize our impact and make sure that Good Shepherd gets a great mix of fiction, nonfiction and academic resources! 

Want to mail books to Masaka?  

Your box must be labeled with "HPA MASAKA" + the genre of the donated books.  For example, "HPA MASAKA Picture Books" or "HPA MASAKA YA".  Unlabeled boxes will not make it to Masaka.  Once your box is labelled, send it to:

BFA Warehouse

3655 Atlanta Industrial Drive

Bldg. 250

Atlanta, GA 30331

Celebrate Accio Books & Win the House Cup!

Stocking a library in a school our chapter helped build is a big deal - but we're not done yet!  We want to use Accio Books to advocate and celebrate! Once again, we’re partnering with the American Library Association to advocate for increased support for public libraries.  We have all the resources you need to participate down below!  We’re also partnering with Book Riot to host events to honor World Book Night in three major cities - and we’ve even got a toolkit for you to host your own!

Don't forget to let us know what you're doing so you can win points in the House Cup!  Follow the competition and learn how you can earn points right here.

So are you ready to take part in the HPA’s longest running campaign?  Let us know! Click here to let us know how you plan to participate in our worldwide celebration of literacy!

Win the House Cup!

Report your House points here!  In 2016, there are more ways to gain points and win glory for your House than ever before. Let us know what you've got planned by setting your own goals for Accio Books 2016.

Advocate on National Library Legislative Day!

Learn about how you can take action for libraries virtually, in D.C., and all over the world.  You can also grab our NLLD Resource for Library Staff and some scripts to help you when you write, call, or visit your lawmakers!

New to Accio Books?

First year at Hogwarts?  First time with Accio Books?  Check our these resources to help you get started as an individual wizard activist or with your chapter!

Honor World Book Night!

World Book Night is Saturday, April 23rd!  Learn about WBN events that we'll be hosting or grab the Honoring World Book Night Toolkit to host your own!

Resources for Libraries

Are you a library staff member? Check out our National Library Legislative Day Resource for Library Staff and learn how to bring Accio Books to your library!

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